Active Ingredient:

No acid blue dye


  • MARK-IT BLUE is a concentrated blue colorant designed to provide temporary highly-visible evidence of spray application patterns.
  • MARK-IT BLUE readily dissipates, is non-toxic and totally compatible with water-soluble solutions.
  • It is ideal for golf courses, parks, cemeteries, athletic fields, and any turf or grass areas — virtually anywhere where spray evidence is needed.


  • MARK-IT BLUE will not permanently stain vegetation or soil and can be used with all types of equipment
  • Shows Where You’ve Sprayed
  • Eliminates Waste
  • Indicates Drift

Recommended Rate

MARK-IT BLUE should be added to the spray tank when it is approximately half full. Use 1 fl. oz. of MARK-IT BLUE per gallon (7.5 ml/L) of spray. More or less may be used, depending on turf or weed color, height and local water conditions.