Active Ingredient:

Phthalocyanine Pigment


  • Nonphytotoxic colorant specifically formulated to impart a long-lasting, natural green color when applied to dormant and non-dormant turfgrasses.


  • Natural, long-lasting natural green color
  • Easy to blend treated areas into existing turf
  • No tank mixing needed to achieve proper color
  • Safe to dormant and nondormant turfgrasses

Recommended Rate

Apply 2.75 gallons of REGREEN with 40 – 54 gallons of water (50-70 ml/L) for a total spray volume of 43 – 57 gallons per acre (4-5L/100m2).

Use higher dilution rates and make two perpendicular applications for easier blending with healthy turf.

Divot mix colorant, use REGREEN at 0.5-1 ml of REGREEN per 1 kg of sand