Active Ingredient:

organomodified trisiloxanes100%


  • BREAK-THRU S 240 is a non-ionic surfactant and belongs to the chemical class of organomodified trisiloxanes.
  • These are the only agricultural adjuvants that can produce a phenomenon known as “super spreading“ i.e. the rapid coverage of hydrophobic surfaces such as leaves at concentrations of 0.1 % or less.
  • Aqueous solutions containing BREAK-THRU® S 240 have zero contact angle (Super penetration and spreader)


  • Complete wetting of treated vegetation (wetting action),
  • Allowing the spray to reach locations that are conventionally not accessible (targeting effect),
  • Better uptake through the waxy layer of leaves (cuticular penetration),
  • Entering stomata pores (stomatal flooding).

Recommended Rate

0.1% % dilution of the final water volume