Active Ingredient:

Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, mono(3,5,5-trimethylhexyl) ether> 95%


  • VIBRANT is a non-ionic organic surfactant.
  • VIBRANT imparts a very low dynamic surface tension and improves the adhesion of pesticidal sprays.
  • VIBRANT has a very low foaming potential and does not stabilize foams.
  • VIBRANT reduces the amount of drift able spray particles when used with flat fan nozzles.
  • VIBRANT improve the efficacy of pesticides especially herbicides.


  • Does not form micelles, hence it is a very fast surfactant
  • Generates very little foam
  • Independent of the nozzle type, BREAK-THRU VIBRANT is a super deposition aid. For example, it showed up to 3 folds increase of spray deposition when compared to spray solution without adjuvant
  • Appears to have superior activity on grasses (grass weeds with herbicides, and turfgrass fungicides and insecticides); action on broad leaves also good
  • Can reduce drift with XR nozzles
  • At concentrations exceeding 0.1 %, it forms a turbid dispersion in water

Recommended Rate

0.1-0.2% dilution of the final water volume