Active Ingredient:

Etherified Polyoxyethylene- Polyoxypropylene Block Copolymer50%
Nonionic Polyol25%
Mineral Solution Bioextract25%


  • Zipline® powered by AquaVita ™ is a soil surfactant that contains Aquatrols’ cutting edge, proprietary technology specifically designed to aid turf care professionals to consistently deliver Fast, Firm, Fine Turf with soil resource enhancement.
  • This proprietary technology aids soil enhancement by unlocking existing bound nutritional elements and is safe to use on all turf types.


  • Promotes Balanced Hydration
  • Unlocks Existing Bound Nutritional Elements
  • Delivers Consistent Results

Recommended Rate

Apply 3 – 9.5 L per hectare every 14 days
Apply 6 – 19 L per hectare monthly

Apply 9.5 – 13 L per hectare every 14 days
Apply 19 – 26 L per hectare monthly