Active Ingredient:

Modified Alkylated Polyol100%


  • Revolution® is world’s leading soil surfactant and the only wetting agent that goes beyond water repellency issues, providing comprehensive water management and plant health benefits as well.
  • Revolution’s patented formulation creates a thin continuous film of water in the soil profile, balancing air-to-water ratios and increasing the performance of turf under stress.


  • Exceptional consistency of horizontal and vertical moisture distribution
  • Patented technology creates thinner, continuous films of water around soil particles
  • Balance air to water ratios in the soil for an optional growth environment
  • Strengthens plant’s natural ability to withstand stress and disease pressure
  • Improve pesticide delivery and performance
  • Enhance the efficacy of applied nutrients

Recommended Rate

STANDARD PROGRAM: Golf Greens, Fairways, Tees & Other Fine Turf Surfaces: Apply 185 ml/100m2 in 8 L of water every month.

SPLIT APPLICATION PROGRAM: Turf managers may also apply Revolution in split application timings at 95 ml/100m2 every 14 days or 140 ml/100m2 every 21 days.