Nitrogen Total (N)18%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4)6.4%
Urea nitrogen (Ur-N)2.7%
Ureaformaldehyde (MU-N)8.9%
Phosphorus (P205)22%
Potassium (K20)5%


  • A single compound micro-granule fertilizer with ICL’s patented MU2 and SilK coating technologies.
  • Ideal for over-seeding or laying new turf.
  • The high Phosphorous levels stimulate good rooting and establishment.
  • Its slow-release nutrient resources minimize salt levels, enhancing germination.
  • Its nutrient release pattern is designed to meet new turf / seed requirements.
  • Granule size 0.7-1.4mm


  • Perfect for over-seeding or laying down new turf
  • Phosphorous content promotes good rooting and establishment
  • Minimizes salt levels to increase germination rates
  • Nutrient release pattern meets new turf / seed demands

Recommended Rate

20 – 30 g/m²
Irrigation will aid in dispersion and limit risk of mower pick-up on low cut surfaces.